Vidéographie :

Live and down under :

Tracks :

1. Intro: Back To Basics
2. Ain't No Other Man
3. Back In The Day
4. Understand
5. Come On Over
6. Slow Down Baby
7. Still Dirrty
8. I Got Trouble
9. Makes Me Wanna Pray
10. What A Girl Wants
11. Oh Mother
12. Enter The Circus
13. Welcome
14. Dirrty
15. Candyman
16. Nasty Naughty Boy
17. Hurt
18. Lady Marmalade
19. Encore: Thank You
20. Beautiful
21. Fighter

Bonus Material:

1. Exclusive Behind-The-Scenes Footage & Interviews

Stripped tour


1. Stripped Intro (Video Intro)
2. Dirrty
3. Get Mine, Get yours
4. The Voice Within
5. Genie in a Bottle (Arabian Mix)
6. Can't hold us down
7. Make over
8. Contigo En La Distancia/Falsas Esperanzas Dancers' Interlude (Costume Change)
9. Infatuation
10. Come on over (All I Want is you) (Acoustic Rendition)
11. Impossible
12. At last
13. I prefer you
14. Lady Marmalade (Shortened Rendition)
15. Walk Away
16. Stripped PT. 2 (Video Interlude)
17. Fighter
18. What a girl wants
19. Beautiful

Special Features:

  • Exclusive interview with Christina about her album STRIPPED, the STRIPPED tour, and her life and causes outside of music
  • An introduction to the supporting cast. Meet the musicians, dancers, stylists, and choreographers who help Christina put on her dazzling show every night
  • "Gilbert's Bus Tour" - Take a tour of Christina's tour bus with backup dancer Gilberto Saldivar
  • "One Night In Milano" - Christina meets up with Donatella Versace in Milan, the fashion capital of the world
  • "RSVP" - Christina answers questions directly from her fans

My relection

2.Genie in a Bottle
3.Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You)
4.What A Girl Wants
5.So Emotional
6.I Turn To You
7.At Last
8.Contigo En La Distancia
9.Climb Every Mountain
10.Falsas Esperanzas
11.Alright Now
12.Merry Christmas Baby
13.Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
14.Christmas Time

Bonus vidéos :

1."Genio Altrapado"
2. "Por Siempre Tu"
3. "Ven Con Migo"
4."The Christmas Song"

Genie gets her wish

Support : DVD
Genre musical : Clips video  - Pop
Date de sortie : 05/07/2000

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